Self Care Saturday

I'm sure that I'm not the first person to come up with Self Care Saturday, but is there anything original left in life these days? Every Saturday, I'm going to highlight self care. There really is nothing more important than taking care of yourself. You can't be your best self unless you take care of yourself. Having two toddlers can make this quite tricky and for awhile I considered the two days that I work to be my self care. But I definitely needed more.

I have added quite a few tools into my coping box and for this inaugural post, I will share them with you. Then each week, I will highlight four categories and what I did the past week for each for self care, as well as intention for the next week.

I'll start out by saying that most Saturdays, my wonderful husby lets me sleep in and brings me coffee in bed. It's a glorious time to be alone and cozy. I'll tell you a secret: I often don't sleep. I cuddle my poodle, Charlie. I catch up on Instagram stories (I'd love to follow you back if you add me on Instagram!) , look at recipes, and enjoy doing nothing important.

So what better day to devote to self care than one that starts out so lovely, right?

Over the passed few months, I have picked up two new self care activities that I really love. The first was water coloring. My husband and I gave up drinking for the New Year and since my husband is an artist, we decided to go to the art store and pick up some goodies. I discovered that I really loved water coloring and I'm actually not awful at it.


Here are some links to my favorite water color supplies:
Watercolors - a great set for starting out
Water brush - such a neat tool

I’ve also been Bullet Journaling to help manage my anxiety and for fun, too. I love doodling in my Bullet Joirnal as wel!

Another somewhat recent thing I've added to my self care repertoire is walking. It started as just an easy diversion to get the kids out of the house and have a little peace to something I really enjoy and look forward to. I have never been a huge fan of exercise but its inspired me to get back into yoga and pilates as well. And I love getting a work out in. I crave it every day. Walking is such a lovely way to connect with my kids and nature, and to connect my kids to nature as well! I mean who knew that butterflies eat bird poop? We do now.  Having a kick ass double stroller has definitely helped.

I love my old Mountain Buggy Urban. Here is a link to the pricey newer Duet. 
And here is a link to a new app called Sweatcoin that I just started using. You earn coins for steps and can trade them in for Amazon gift cards and other goodies.

Podcasts are another new love of mine. They are an amazing escape. And if you like funny ones like I do, they're a great way to get you laughing which immediately boosts your mood. Of course, I also like true crime and believe it or not there a few podcasts that combine the two.

So every Saturday from here on until I start slacking or mix things up, I will be reporting back on these categories:
Podcast of the Week: Biggie and Tupac is being covered on Last Podcast on the Left
Miles Walked: 29!!
Bonus (for water coloring which doesn't always happen every week and other fun sometimes activities): Like for instance, this week I had some alone time to work on this blog!
An intention for a bonus self care item for the following week: I'm going to do some pilates tonight.

And my ask of all of you, is to share what you did in the comments! Go ahead, don't be shy. We can all give each other ideas and motivation.

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