A Few of My Favorite Things

We had a magical weekend at my family's beach house in Maine. So magical, that I'm feeling kind of like a kid the day after Christmas. Completely blah and uninspired. It was our last trip to the island for the year and I had been really looking forward to it. The kids behaved and had fun and I was sort of kind of able to relax a little but. 

I also think maybe I'm in a funk because the retrograde is over. Is that a thing? The husby would really like me to be done talking about the retrograde. Anyway, I decided to write a little post highlighting some of my favorite products. Because I like to shop and have a handful of winners to share with you!

I love Little Twig hair products for my kiddos' hair. They don't use a bunch of gross chemicals which is always important to me, and this combo works for both kids's hair types. It keeps Judah's curls luscious and friss-free, and keeps the tangles out of Maple's fine baby hairs. 

After trying many duds, Think Baby Sunscreen  is by far my favorite. It has the faintest (nice) smell and blends much better than other non-chemical sunscreens that I've tried.

I recently discovered Everyone Soap for myself and it is so gentle that I've been using it on the babes, too. The smell is so subtle and nice. And it doesn't irritate my sensitive skin!

I have a major swaddle blanket obsession and sadly my babies are mostly grown out of using them. I've been sort of able to hang on to this bit of babyness by using this Little Unicorn outside blanket. Little Unicorn makes my favorite swaddle blankets and this blanket is the best. It folds up so easily, and cleans even easier. And it's adorable for picnics and beach trips!

Anyone that knows me knows that I love my Tulas. I am completely obsessed with my standard carrier as well as my ring sling. So comfortable, functional and cute!

Another thing that I am completely obsessed with is my diaper bag. I had looked at similar ones that cost over one hundred dollars more for basically the same exact bag! This bag is so soft and can hold so much. It can be a backpack or shoulder bag. And it has a handle which it's more expensive counterpart did not even have until very recently. It has so many pockets including one that lets you grab baby wipes through the back and two insulated pockets inside. And it's vegan!

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