Green Gift Guide and a Giveaway

This post is brought to you by the letter 'G.' Just kidding. It's brought to you by my love for choosing sustainable options whenever I can. I don't eat a mostly plant based diet just for the animals and the health benefits but also for the environment. And the bragging rights, too. But this post is all about the environment and how you can combat some of the holiday yuckies. Like did you know that in the film "The Story of Stuff," they point out that only 1% of consumer goods remain in use six months after they are purchased. All those gifts that we buy and receive out of obligation at the holidays are in a landfill by summer.

It's so easy to get sucked into the glitzy, twinkle lights of consumerism. And I am not perfect. But I am trying to combat it every way that I can. From the trimmings to the gifts and to the family dynamics.

Before I dive in to my tips and gift guide: I am hosting a give away over on my instagram. In the spirit of Giving Tuesday, I will be sending  a metal straw, a cleaning brush and a cup lid to two winners. Head over to my instagram for your chance to win!

Secret Santas and Yankee Swaps are the biggest culprits of trinkets bound for a landfill, in my opinion. It's okay to opt out of these. The party will still be fun even if you don't participate.  Or you could suggest a sustainable theme like re-gifts, homemade gifts, gift cards, cookies, wine or whatever else you can think of that can be consumed.

Give an experience. And not just for the receiver of the gift, include yourself. It's so hard to make time for family, but its easy if you give someone tickets to a concert that you'll attend together.

Think of a reusable gifts that are actually useful. One year, I bought canvas shopping bags for everyone in my family and painted little designs on them. A lot of places are banning plastic bags, so this is even more practical now than it was when I did it. I am planning to give metal straws and Starbucks gift cards to my son's teachers this year.

I use produce bags at the grocery store. I wouldn't suggest these for just anyone, but if you know someone that would actually use them, these are a great option!

Even just a travel mug or a lunch bag is a great way to help reduce waste and give a gift that someone will use.

You can also donate to a charity that you know your family member supports. Or give a gift that gives back like Cuddle and Kind or Bomba Socks!

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