Are you Tidying Up? 9 Tips for Decluttering and Making Money off of your Kids Old Clothes.

My little Kidizen Baby at just 1 year old.

Have you watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix? I feel like everywhere I turn, people are talking about this show! Marie is an organizational genius with a charming and completely non-judgemental attitude. And the nursing toddler in episode one did not go unnoticed by me; she was like a blonde Maple! The show has got me cleaning out our closets and junk drawers. I always have a bin of clothes that my kids have grown out of waiting for me to either donate or sell.

I have blogged about buying on  Kidizen before but now I am really excited to share some tips and tricks for selling on Kidizen. I am also extra excited because now I am collaborating with them! I have a link that will get you $5 off your first purchase with my referral code: Radish .

Besides being able to make money and gets deals on the high end baby clothes that I have grown to love, I love that Kidizen promotes sustainability. Textile waste is a huge issue and I love any opportunity to promote re-using things instead of them going to the landfill.

I've been buying and selling on Kidizen for almost three years because it's so easy and even fun to use. I know that people sell on Instagram and Facebook, but I love that with Kidizen I don't have to worry about  keeping track of who buys what or dealing with shipping labels. Labels can be emailed right to you and you never have to even step foot in the post office. And you can keep track of everything in the App. Those conveniences are totally worth the consignment fee.

Ready for the Tips?

1) Clean out those drawers and closets. I get a bit ruthless and pull out anything that we don't love or haven't worn in the past couple of months. If it doesn't bring you joy, right? And you're going to be making money to buy cute new clothes that actually do bring you joy!

2) Inspect everything for stains, rips or wear. You can still sell things with some wear; just make sure you select "play condition" when you list it.

3) Find a nice backdrop. I always take my pictures on a similar, flat backdrop, usually either my bed or a bureau because both are in areas with good lighting and provide a cohesiveness to my closet. I'm a fan of the flat lay. Some people add accessories, but I avoid that because I don't want to confuse buyers into thinking that those items are included.

4) Take a lot of photos. I take a photo of every angle of the item and close-ups of any signs of wear or flaws. People can be picky and I want to make sure that I am as accurate as possible.

5) Kidizen gives you suggested prices once you've plugged in all the info. I usually go with the price they suggest. If your item hasn't sold in a week or so: lower the price a bit and share the listing with your Kidizen followers. Anyone that has Favorited your item will get a notification. And I know that I have definitely been inspired to buy something when I get that little notification!

6) Use the shop discount feature! Even if you just have a 10% off for two or more items sale going; you will get more sales. Who can resist a sale. I would otherwise be donating most of these clothes so any money that I make is more than I would be making if I donated.

7) Always include the brand. If it's not listed, I put it in the description.

8) Create Collections of your own items. This will pique the interest of your followers. I like to follow collections or other closets if I notice that they have a style similar to ours.

9) Don't forget to account for shipping costs. I always factor in about $3 per item for shipping. You have the option to charge for shipping, but I think free shipping is a great way to get sales.

So those are my 9 tips cause its 2019! Happy tidying selling! And shopping. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments, I am happy to answer them!

And if you're a fan of Maple or Judah's style, you can shop our Kidizen Closet.

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