A Little DIY for My Little Valentine

I wear make-up almost every day and it is something that has interested both Judah and Maple over the years. Maple has really taken to wanting to sit next to me and either help or play with a lipstick. I'm okay with this. I want her to grow up and be strong woman but I also want her to be whatever kind of woman she wants to be. And if she wants to wear make-up and be stereo typically feminine, I recognize that that doesn't mean she can't also be a strong badass... like her mother.

Maple also loves dinosaurs and cars, particularly her new Barbie car that she earned from her amazing potty skills. And I'm also fine with her playing Barbies. I loved my Barbies and never thought of them as anything more than dolls. There were many many other things that I saw in our culture that made me feel that my body should look a certain way and Barbie certainly wasn't one of them!

Oh wait, this was a DIY not a rant about the patriarchy...

Sorry. It seems I can't go a single post without mentioning the Queen: Marie Kondo. But I have a few Chanel compacts that I just can't let go of despite the fact that make-up in them is over ten years old and unusable. Those compacts spark joy! A joyous memory of shopping on my birthday with my mom and spontaneously getting my make-up done at Chanel and spending hundreds of dollars on make-up! The compacts sit in the bottom of my surplus make-up case and I try to throw them out every time I purge my cosmetics, but I never can let them go.

But now, I am giving them a new life! In this DIY. I am turning them into play make-up for Maple as part of her Valentine's Day gift. So not only am I still getting some hits of joy from them, I'm also recycling them - something else that I get really excited about.

You will need:

Old make-up compacts
felt or foam (I used felt because I already had some.)
a glue gun
scrapbook paper (optional)

Step 1: Scrape out the old make-up and wash out the compacts. I shined up the windows with my Grove Collaborative window cleaner. It's non toxic and works really well!

Step 2: I traced outlines of the trays and then traced them onto the felt. I did two layers of felt for each compact.

Step 3: I used the scrapbook paperwork to fancy up the non-Chanel compacts. You don't have to do this.

Step 4: Hot glue the felt and scrapbook paper down.


I had a couple make-up brushes that I cleaned up to add to Maple's gift. And I found this adorable case in the Target Dollar Spot.

Judah will be getting this cool Dino watch because he has been asking for a watch ever since he saw his friend's Minnie Mouse watch! And this case, also from the Dollar Spot,  will be perfect for his growing Shopkins collection! Terry Taco will be please.

What are you gifting your little Valentines??