My Skincare Routine

I post a bit about skincare on my instagram (I even have a highlight) and always get a lot of questions, so I thought I would do a quick skincare round-up post!

When I turned 37 last May, I decided that I needed to take even better care of my skin. I've always been good about cleansing and moisturizing but I wanted to kick it up a few notches! I had lost over sixty pounds of weight, baby and otherwise, and in the words of my dear friend, Tiffany: I was at the "fine age where I need to decided between chubbier with smooth skin or skinnier with some wrinkles."

I decided to keep up with skinny and tackle the wrinkles with some quality skincare! I didn't necessarily have too many wrinkles, but my skin looked almost as tired as I felt. Feel.

I didn't do a ton of research and just kind of went for it. I always go for cruelty-free and as minimal crap as possible. (Like 4 or less on the Think Dirty App.) Here is what has worked for my sort of dry, dull skin. I also have some redness on my cheeks.

Lush face masks are a game changer. I have never seen such instant results from a mask before. They need to be refrigerated which makes using them feel so refreshing! And Lush is a great company that stands for a lot of things that I feel passionate about. 

This Pacifica cleanser and moisturizer duo is my favorite. The cleanser cleans well but doesn't dry me out and the moisturizer gives great moisture without being greasy. They both smell great as well!

I received this Dr Perricone exfoliating peel from Influenster and it has been amazing. It has really moisturized and plumped up my skin. Bye bye, tired mom face!

I love Measurable Difference products. This Vitamin C serum has done amazing things for my redness and puffy under eye area. I am excited to try the Hyaluronic Acid serum when I run out of my Dr Perricone.

I also love using a jade roller to wake my skin up in the morning! Massaging your face in the morning really gets the blood flowing to your face and improves its appearance. And that pink scrubby guy? I found it at the Dollar Tree in a two pack. (BPA free!) I use it a few time a week to scrub my face while cleaning. Here is a similar set.

And a bonus make-up product that I am loving is this foundation from Make Up Revolution. It's lightweight but provides natural looking full coverage!

What are your favorite skincare products? Tell me in the comments.

This post contains affiliate links but I truly love every product mentioned!