Where is that motivation??

Well, its the 283rd day of winter, it's already February and I am still waiting to feel that 2019 new year motivation. I've set goals. I made a vision board reminiscent of my teenage Sassy magazine covered bedroom walls. I've been sticking to my healthy eating plan and doing a plank every morning. But zero motivation to even attempt to tackle any bigger goals or do anything creative. Like write. I daydream about going all Marie Kondo on my closet, and even though I had to empty my closet out due to a radiator leak and my clothes are already all out of it, I'd rather sit on the couch and watch reality TV. While that gluttonous pile of clothes taunts me.

My last post about fashion after babies forced me to look at my old blog.  I used to do outfit posts with life posts mixed in. I would write about my adventures and silly things that happened along the way. Like that one time, my friend and I got lightly, rear-ended on the way to a girls weekend. It was a hit and run situation so we called the police. The officer asked how my head was and I quickly replied back "never had any complaints." I was funny. I still am funny. And I want to get back to sharing my sense of humor with the world just as much as I want to feel stylish again.

I realized this on the way to meet Wendi, my bestie, for dinner and a glass of wine the other night. She texted me very last minute to see if I could meet. I had been thinking of texting her but thought it was too last minute. (See why we're besties?) I got ready in under twenty minutes and flew out the door before the children's behavior could make the husby change his mind. I was blasting some fantastic 90s dance hits (more on that in a minute) and thinking of how much Wendi  would appreciate what I was listening to. So I obviously had to call her to tell her what I was listening to and then to talk to her the whole ride there, because that is how we roll. Prior to babies and husbands, our friends referred to us as "The Jendi" because that was back when Brangelina was a thing and the two of us were just that much of a Dynamic Duo.  I was thinking how now that would be a hashtag. And how much things have changed, but there are still not many things more exciting than meeting a friend out on a Saturday night and sitting at a bar like grown ups. I mean, how cool do I sound saying that? Not cool at all... Right. Okay. #momlife

So getting back to the 90s dance music. If this post is inspired by my old blog, I would also tell you about current obsession: American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace. I truly am an "influencer," because I have inspired at least three other people to watch and be amazed by this show. It was really one of the best shows that the husby and I have watched in years. One of the things that my husband and I have in common is that we both love to become google experts in topics that interest us. So when we went away two weekends ago, we spent a lot of time talking about how well done the show was and also facts we had learned about the killer. I even gave him a nickname: Cunani. We also spent most of the trip listening to an amazing Spotify playlist that someone made of every song from the show. Because Lisa Stanfield is basically has a supporting role on the show. (See how I tied that 90s dance music in there? I'm practically Seinfeld.)

But seriously. The show was so well done, it was depressing to have it be over. So depressing that I had to order the book that it was mostly based on. And that is what I will be reading while this giant pile of my clothing looms over me...

Anyone else not finding that New Year motivation??