Bust Those Wrinkles without Botox

As I've mentioned before: I am on the wrong side of 35 and I've become a skincare junkie over the last year or so in order to help rejuvenate my skin. I am mostly just trying to keep my skin hydrated and glowy and deal with some redness. But I do have one wrinkle between my eyes that bugs me. I'm cool with most other wrinkles. Like laugh lines, they tell some great stories.

But when it comes to that little between the eyes, I admit it makes me feel  intrigued by Botox but I really don't want to commit to it (I had trouble signing Judah up for six weeks of soccer!) and I also don't want to start injectables if I can avoid it. Its also not cruelty free which makes it a hard no for me. (Thanks Vancouver Blogger for pointing that out!)And I know that pesky wrinkle is not super noticable. Yet. Both of my parents have it and I can see what the future holds.

So when Kimberly van der Beek (yes, Jame's wife - she is as amazing as her skin and you should follow her on Instagram) mentioned a natural product (she has the scoop on all of the good natural products and she gets the credit for introducing me to Celery Juice, as well)  that helps those pesky wrinkles between the eyes, I hopped on Amazon and ordered myself some Frownies and Rose Water Spray.

The concept is simple. Spray the little triangle shaped Frownie, its a thick-ish paper texture, pull the skin between your eyes taut and slap it on. Leave it on for at least three hours, but ideally overnight. At this point, my husband is used to activated charcoal face masks and various paper masks from Korean skincare brands! You use the Frownie for one month at first, and then a couple of times a week for maintenance. One box has 144 Frownies and costs about $22. My poor math skills tells me that it will last a really long time and is a savings of like 95% compared to a year's worth of Botox treatments.

I am going to post a before picture here. Shudder. And I will update this post weekly with progress and then a final picture after a month with my full review. If I love it and see results, I am going to include Frownies in a giveaway in May. (I am planning to do a fun giveaway in May to celebrate my birthday and the one year anniversary of this blog!)


Day 1: I am already loving the simplicity of this product and lack of scary ingredients. I love that there is minimal packaging, too! The rose water smells delicious!

Day 2: A couple of tips, make sure that you moisten the patch before taking it off in the morning. Or else it feels like a wax without the benefit of actually removing any hair. The Frownie was surprisingly unnoticeable throughout the night. It also stayed on very well. My skin feels super soft in the spot where it was but I think that might be from the rosewater as I don't see any difference with the wrinkle. Yet. 

Also, every time I type Frownie, it makes me want a brownie. 

Day 4: I am definitely noticing results in the morning. The wrinkle is pretty much smoothed out but it does come back by the end of the day. I do wear sunglasses to avoid squinting outside. But the face that you make when your children are both screaming or not getting dressed and you're already late is pretty unavoidable and definitely causes the crease. 

Day 6/Week 1: I am definitely noticing some results! Here is a rather unflattering series of pictures of the space between my eyes that I took throughout the day yesterday:

You can see in the first photo, taken right after I took off the patch, that the line is gone! And it's still mostly gone at the end of the day. The line did start to creep back after a couple of hours, but being able to put make-up onto smooth skin made the line much less noticeable when it did come back. Putting make-up over a wrinkle, makes the wrinkle more noticeable. So this helps make the wrinkle more disguised!

Stay tuned for next week's update! And more details on the giveaway that I'll be doing, because I am going to be working with Frownie's to make it a really good one!

This post contains affiliate links but is not sponsored. I bought the products mentioned with my own money much to my husband's dismay.


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