Toddler Fashion Finds

I get a lot of compliments and comments on how I dress my kids. As a former fashion writer, styling them is one of my favorite pastimes. And today, I am sharing some of my secrets with you!

As much as I love to support small businesses, local businesses, and ethical retailers, I also love a good deal. Especially when it comes to things my children will grow our of quickly and probably spill ketchup on even quicker. I try to shop secondhand as much as I can for environmental and budgetary reasons. I love to spurge on cute things from small shops or etsy but I also love to find a bargain on trendy things from Amazon on ebay. Things that usually end up taking a few weeks to arrive from China and have such designer labels as DuDu Cream - I am not making that up!

I first discovered these incredible deals a few years ago. I clicked on some cute boutique ad on Facebook and perused the adorable outfits. And then like the mind reader that it is, Google showed me some ads of the same outfit. For a fraction of the price on ebay. Almost any boutique that you see online that isn't specifically handmade, is generally selling wholesale items that you can find for so much less money with some fancy searching on Amazon or ebay.

But I am saving you all that searching! I've compiled a bunch of my finds and favorites for your easy clicking pleasure!

The Knits 
 I am a sucker for knit baby wear. And while I may or may not have spent over $20 on hand crocheted baby socks and even more on knit bloomers from Etsy, I have also found some great knits on Amazon. It's all about balance. H&M also has quality and affordable knits that go on major clearance, too!

Coral      Pink     Tan   
All available in other colors!

Boho (also available in another colorway)            White (more colors)

I love rompers. With knee socks or tights in cooler temps. Or little Saltwater sandals in the summer. They are classic and great for all year!

                                                Purple (more colors!)                 Pink (Also available in mustard!)

                                                 Bunny!!                                         Wine Red. (More colors!)

The Overalls 
So many to choose from! And you can have them all at these prices!

Mustard                             Blush Pink
all available in other colors

Velour                            Denim

Kneesocks on little ladies slay me.

Cableknit                                  Critters

It's sad to say, I haven't really had any luck with boy items. But we love these pajamas. It's hard to find plain colored PJs like this and they are so soft. And Amber Fillerup Clark recommended them! These would also make a great base for a Halloween costume. And perfect for sibling twinning!

These undies and boxer briefs are the best I've found. I originally found them becausee I couldn't find underoos small enough for Maple. I love the simple prints and the super soft fabric. And the boxer briefs are so much fun, too!

Hers                                    His

The Rest

Well, really just this adorable dress!

And my favorite place to get kids' clothes will always be Kidizen. Use my code: Radish to get $5 off your first order!

I'm not quite sure that Miss Maple will be able to wear rompers and overalls for awhile since she is newly potty trained, so be sure to tag me in pictures of your cuties wearing these finds!

This post contains affiliate links up the wazoo! But hey, I spent a lot of time putting this together and its a way you can help support this adorably stylish content.