Thrifted Look for Less

I've mentioned before that I've gained and then lost quite a bit of weight over the past few years. Even before the babies, I was bigger than I was used to being and had kind of lost my sense of style. I have always loved fashion and had stopped getting excited about clothes. Even after getting back to a size I felt good at, I was still playing it very safe, for me, when it came to style. I made it one of my goals of 2019 to get my style back. I even dedicated a large-ish section of my vision board to it, so it had to happen!

I mean, almost as if I had put it out into the universe, the universe delivered. A local (eco-friendly!) stylist reached out to me on instagram and asked if I wanted to co-host a giveaway. We came up with the idea of a Thrift Fix Box and bonded over shopping for the winner. Not only did it re-ignite my love for thrifting but I also made a friend. Hi Laura!  Laura styles her clients exclusively with thrift store finds and she has an amazing eye.  Check out her Instagram. 

I used to just love thrifting because I was into vintage and scoring deals. But now that I’m more aware of all of the awful things happening to our planet, I see it as another way that I can do my part to be more sustainable. I always donate my old clothes and I love being able to give other people’s castoffs a new life.

Young Jenny would have snatched this vintage beauty up! 

This month, I joined in on a Thrifted Look for Less Challenge and here is what I came up with. Not quite the right look, but very fun to go shopping for!

My inspiration (not sure who owns the original photo)
And my very loose interpretation:

The shirt was $2.50 I saw the print and loved it but it was a 2xl. I tried it on anyway and realized it would be perfect to get the baggy sleeve effect and to tie.

I got these jeans last year off of Poshmark, so they're also thrifted. I never wear them because the ankles were too skinny, so by cutting them off a bit I'll probably actually wear them now.

I had the sneakers, but my poodle was also thrifted, I mean rescued.

I'm excited to participate next month and hopefully be able to shop without both kids. And also have time to take better photos.

Do you like to thrift?