How to Order Affordable and Trendy Glasses on the Internet

I've been into glasses for awhile now. Sometime in 2009, I fully embraced that I needed to wear glasses full time and invested in a pair of Rayban Wayfarers. I saw an Iris Apfel exhibit at the Peabody Essex Museum and there was no turning back; I wanted to make a four-eyed statement. I dabbled with contacts for awhile, but once I discovered how easy it is to get cheap frames online, even prescription sunglasses, I started to feel naked without my frames.

I get comments about my glasses a lot and I love being able to share that I got a bargain! Over the years, I've tried a few different sites for ordering glasses online and I have narrowed down my favorites. It's super easy, even my mom can do it, cause I showed her.

Entering your prescription is easy on all of the sites that I've tried. Prescriptions are written in a universal format. So you literally just type your prescription in exactly as its written. All the sites have the option to upload your picture and do a virtual try on as well!


Eyebuydirect is definitely my favorite. The site is easy to use, the quality is great and so are the prices. The glasses are sturdy and the lenses are clear. They always have great sales. Their customer service is wonderful and patient when you accidentally put in your prescription wrong. Above are just a few of my favorite styles. I've also ordered prescription sunglasses from them. They have so many stylish options and prescription sunnies are legit life changing even if they do make me feel like an old lady! Shipping is relatively fast, about a week or so. Use this link to save $10 off your first pair! (The code is IF17NULJZD if you need it!)

Firmoo has great customer service and decent gasses. These are my new favorite frames, hands down. They do have a lot of trendier styles and I love being able to get the trends for less! Their new customer deals are definitely the best.  They ship fast, too. Use this link to get your 50% off your first order with code: Jenny0401589

Zenni really impressed me as well. The process was easy and the glasses are very good quality. They have great deals for new customers and seem to have a lot of sales as well.

Let me know if you order any new frames! I'd love to see them!

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