DIY Diaper Bag First Aid Kit

I started referring to this summer as the Summer of Sass but I really should have named it the Summer of BooBoos. Between scraped knees, bug bites and a passionate love of bandaids, my kids have all the scars of a summer well lived.

A few weeks ago, after Maple did a faceplant while running on the sidewalk in her new flip flops that she insists on wearing everywhere, I realized that I need a First Aid Kit in my diaper bag. And I mean, there's room because there are no actual diapers in the bag!

I decided to DIY a kit for my diaper bag and one for the husband as well. And it was perfect timing because Hugabooboo had just sent me some of their adorable bandaids to try out.

I really wanted to pick up cute, new pouches to use for the first- aid kits, but I knew that I could find something that I already have and be more ecofriendly. And sure enough, I had plenty of make-up cases from my old Ipsy subscription and even found an actual First- Aid case that my husband had from his rock climbing days. I ended up going with a pencil case that I had kept markers in at my old job cause it was the cutest.

I am loving the Hugabooboos because they actually stay on unlike the character ones that we usually get. And the Hugabooboo stay on for days, and I know this because Maple wont let me take them off. For days.  The kids love them because they are absolutely adorable and really do look like they're hugging your booboo!

My kits include:

The case - if you don't have something that you can re-use, here is a link to the adorable milk case that I used. 
Hugabooboos! - They're on sale!

Other things you might want in your kit:

Gloves - these ones are reusable!
Bug Bite Thing - or something to treat insect bites
Ace Bandages
Surgical Tape

Are your kids obsessed with bandaids, too??

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