If You Use Natural Deodorant, You Need to Know This Trick!

I used to think that I needed clinicial strength deodorant. But then I learned about all of the parabens in it that can mimic estrogen hormones and that the aluminum in it is really bad for you, too. Aluminum is also what causes pit stains, so added bonus is no more ruined white shirts! I was informed and I was at a spot in my relationship where I felt comfortable testing natural deodorants even if it meant being a little stinky. At the time, the options were limited but I persevered through various forms of deo that includeded rocks, powders and bars.  

I currently rotate between a few favorites. I'm planning to do a complete reveiw of all of the ones that I've tried. But this blog was sitting in my drafts for over a years, so we'll see when I ever get to that!
A few of my favorites are:

Humble - Super clean brand!

Schmidts - Josh and I both use the Charcoal and it is my absolute favorite!

Pit Liquor - the cleanest that I've found, just alcohol and essential oils. It come in a glass bottle and you can buy a jug to refill. So also the most sustainable of the ones that I've tried. 

Type A - I love the formula and the scents of Type A. The dispenser take some getting used to. 

So here is my trick: you know how sometimes you can get a bit of buildup with natural deodorats? I've had it happen with Scmidts, Native and Humble. Use some body wash on a silicone brush and give your pits an extra scrub every few days. Makes the build up feeling disappear!

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