Postpartum Hair Woes

One of my least favorite postpartum surprises was hair loss. I was pretty shocked at the amount of hair that began falling out around the four month mark, it also coincided with getting my period back with each baby. It lasted for months and there is no way to prevent it. Once it stops, you wait for the wispy baby hairs to grow in and it's not an easy process!

Now that I'm passed all that, thankfully, I have noticed that my hair has changed. Maybe it's something that happens with age, but I've noticed a huge difference since having babies. My hair is a bit coarser and thicker. It doesn't air dry into beachy waves like it used to. But the frizz that I've always dealt hasn't gone anywhere!

I was very excited to try this hair smoothing treatment that Nutree sent to me, and it did not disappoint! 

These products have been a game changer! 

The set includes: 

1) One Step Smoothing Treatment (Protein Smoothing Brush bottle) 
2) After Care Anti Frizz Shampoo 
3) After Care Anti Frizz Conditioner

I followed the instructions and am so happy with the results. You start with the smoothing treatment; using the gloves, you apply the smoothing treatment to your hair leaving it on for forty minutes. You then rinse our about half of it and blow dry. When your hair is dry, you go over it with a straightener, getting each section a few times. 

My hair has never been smoother! I've been using the shampoo and conditioner and my hair feels nourished and hydrated. The best part is that this treatment can last for up to four months. I just wish I had discovered it at the beginning of the summer!

Finding forty minutes to leave the product in was a bit of a challenge with two little ones around. But I used the opportunity to do a face mask and binge on a little trashy TV. Gotta love multitasking. You can find some of my favorite masks and products: here and here

To check out the hair treatment, click here. And use the code "followme" to save 15% off of your order!

This set was gifted to me but these opinions and this review are my own!