Happy National Sloth Day!

Did you know that today is National Sloth Day?

I have been using the National Today Website to plan fun themed days for the month ahead. It can be hard coming up with educational and entertaining activities for little ones, so this website helps me come up with creative themes from our days. It has the quirky holidays categorized and almost every day has at least one holiday. Judah loves holidays and will declare his own now, too. Last week, he decided that Monday was National Lollipop Day.... maybe he was just trying to get a lollipop!?

I've been working with National Today and immediately picked Sloth Day as my holiday to feature for the month. Because sloths are adorable! As I was planning my monthly content, I realized that of all the plastic and fuzzy animals in our house, not a single one is a sloth! I thought about buying some kind of cute sloth, but obviously wanted to go a more sustainable route. So I decided to go on Pinterest and find some sloth inspired crafts that we could do with items that we already have!

Our first activity was a simple sloth coloring page!

I had fun doodling a sloth and Maple and I had fun collaboratively coloring her while Judah was having a sleepover with my mother-in-law. 

I tried to make this fully black and white so that it could be easily printable!

Our final product!

Next, we did Sloth Clips! A bit more interactive. I found this one on Pinterest and tailored it to a newly 3 year old!

What you need:

Old cardboard
clothespin (we had them on hand)
a brown marker
sloth faces (I did them before hand, you could print some, or let your kiddo be fully creative.)
a glue stick
glue gun
I love these activity trays that we found at the dollar store. They help little people from grabbing each other's supplies and help keep messes in one place!

I made the sloth bodies by drawing them free hand onto cardboard and cutting them out. I glue gunned the clothespins onto the sloth bodies. I drew the little faces  and cut them out. Maple glued the faces on and colored in the bodies. 

And voila! Sloth Clips to hang about your house!

I also had to make things a bit educational so we learned about Sloths! I made these quick little fact sheet that you can share with your kiddo!

facts from: Science Kids. 

What quirky holidays do you like to celebrate??

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