Womple Mail!

What if your kids could travel the world from your living room??

....instead of filling it with more plastic crap?

Meet Roald the Womple!

Custom House - Salem Maritime National Historic Site

Roald, who Judah has taken to calling Womple, is a creature called a Womple who will become your child's penpal through the Womple Mail subscription box.

Your child will receive two packets from their Womple each month full of tales and activities related to his adventures that month. This month, we learned about Xi'an, China.

Mail #1

I am super excited about this service. I want my kids to want to travel and learn about the world. But I also want to protect the Earth and unlike other subscription boxes, this one has minimal "stuff." Everything is either paper, or reusable! All of the stickers are multiuse and can be moved all over the Atlas that comes in the Explorer Box. This is such a great gift idea for relatives who would buy your child more clutter if left to their own devices!

Speaking of the Explorer Box, how cute is it?

It also comes with a travel journal and dry erase crayons for the World Atlas. It's minimal, but still jam packed with opportunities for learning, exploring and engaging your child. 

After learning about Roald, Judah immediately wanted to check out all of the goodies that came in the Explorer Box.

And it led to great conversations about the places we've been together and where he hopes to go someday.

I'll be posting more about the activities over on instagram and in my stories. But they are engaging, and would be easy for an older child to do alone. Judah needs a little help with reading still, so its a great opportunity for some one on one time, too!

House of Seven Gable, Salem, Massachusetts

Judah and I had so much fun learning about Roald/Womple and he has wanted to bring him everywhere. So of course, we took him on a little tour of Salem. He sleeps with him, too!


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