Kids on 45th: Review and Discount Code!

Its no secret that I love shopping second hand for as many things as I can in order to be more sustainable and that is why I am so excited about Kids on 45th! Its a shopping service that delivers a box of gently preloved and new kids clothes to your door.

It is such a simple and wonderful concept. You fill out a short survey with your preferences and sizes as well as what your child actually needs and they curate a box of clothes for you. They have a seasonal subscription as well that sends four boxes a year, but its not required to get all four, so you can easily cancel or delay.

Kids on 45th is great for busy parents. It saves so much time. Especially if you do shop second hand, it can be so hard to find everything your kiddos need in one trip!

This is also a great service if you'd like to buy more second hand but you're not a fan of going to thrift stores. There's no searching for items, or checking for stains and rips. Kids on 45th does that all for you! The items arrive clean and fresh. Honestly, all of our items looked practically new! 

I think this is especially great for boy stuff. I have a really hard time finding good used boys stuff. I also like to have extra play clothes for Judah because he goes to a Nature Preschool which leads to a lot of mud stains and rips!

And here is what we got in our jam packed box from Kids on 45th:

Judah got an adorable sweater that I totally would have piked out for him! A pair of jeans and sweats both with tags on them! Two jackets; the red one is our city's colors for soccer! A collared shirt and a little hoodie. Judah is very excited about the Adidas jacket because it looks like something his cool older cousin, Carter, would wear. 

He also got this cute t-shirt from Old Navy that I definitely would have picked out for him!

And my little models:

This is what Maple does when you ask her to smile!

As someone who considers herself super picky with her childrens' clothing, I am impressed. Not every item is a winner, but there are enough winners that I would definitely order again. Especially for Judah! I would never have picked out that Adidas coat for him, but its adorable and he loves it! So its also a great way to get out of your comfort zone.

If you'd like to try Kids on 45th use this link and my code Jennyradish to get $10 off of your first box! 

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Why does he look like he's home from college to do his laundry?!