Happy National Pizza Day - A Love Story

Did you know that today is National Pizza Day! I've teamed up with National Today to share this most delicious holiday with you! Before we get into the pizza, I just want to say that I love working with National Today. Finding small things to celebrate is a great way to create some excitement and fun amidst the chaos and the mundane joys of motherhood.

And I mean, is there anything more exciting or fun than pizza?! Our family certainly can't think of many. We LOVE pizza!

One of the things that I love about my husband is that he is an expert pizza maker. He makes pizza that is so good, we rarely go out or order in. He can even spin it around and throw it in the air! Some weeks, we've been known to have two pizza nights. The kids love pizza - Maple has always had hers without cheese due to her allergy but currently she only will eat the bones aka the crusts which we must cut off of perfectly good slices of pizza for her. #threenager

You can imagine, when we discovered Maple's allergy at five weeks old, and I learned that I would have to give up dairy in order to breastfeed her, it was quite daunting. (More about that here ) I loved cheese and pizza was literally a staple of our diets! But I quickly learned the ins and outs of dairy free life and soon grew to love a cheeseless pizza - packed with toppings - because the alternatives at the time were pretty unpalatable.  Since then, the market has grown and I've found some great plant based alternatives like Violife! (The smoked provolone makes a mean grilled cheese!) And Miyokos (The mozarella is so close to the real things!). Both brands melt really well, taste yummy and don't leave any weird residues on your teeth - if you've tried other faux cheeses, you know what I'm talking about!

Protecting his pizza with some serious side-eye
Fast forward to a year later, I needed to start avoiding gluten. I thought my love affair with pizza was over forever. But I have come to love a good cauliflower crust (Trader Joe's is the only I've found that is also free of any dairy) and there are some great doughs around. I usually just grab whatever dough they have that's gluten free (and free of xantham gum) at the grocery store and I haven't been disappointed.. Dough is definitely superior to any pre-bake crusts that I have tried.

At this point, I can have a little bit of dairy on special occasions. And there is nothing better than the gluten free crust at Bambolina in Salem. I get the margherita and it totally fulfills all my pizza dreams!

What's your favorite kind of pizza??

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