Friday Faves & a Fail


I recently posted about a product that I didn't like on instagram and I received quite a few responses thanking me for being honest. People expressed that they never feel like they can trust people's opinions when they know they've gotten products for free or are getting paid to post about them. I was talking about a product that I had received for free and I want to make it clear that I will ALWAYS be honest about products. I typically only work with brands that align with beliefs and I only accept products that I'm pretty sure that I'll like. These exchanges inspired me to start a new feature: Friday Faves and Fails. I already put the disclaimer up that this will be a occasionally on Fridays kind of things. I have a hard time sticking to things because kids. 

And so I welcome you to the first Friday Faves and Fails: The Kristen Ess Edition. I have been loving this affordable line from Target. I don't know who Kristen Ess is but she has only failed me once! So let's dig in!

As with all products that I purchase and/or promote; this brand is cruelty free.

The Deep Treatment Mask was my first love from Kristen Ess. I needed a deep conditioner and I needed it quick after I dyed my hair at home during quarantine. Thank you Target Curbside Pick Up. I love this stuff. It does what it's supposed to do, is safe or color treated hair and is fragrance free. 

I also needed to tone my hair after my quarantine hair adventures. Signature Hair Gloss to the rescue. I've use this product twice to even out my color and it has been wonderful and very hydrating!

Still in need of toning out my brassiness, I decided to try out this purple shampoo company. And it truly is The One. It works wonders in just one wash. In fact, it works so well that I can only use it once a week or my hair starts to get purple. Thankfully, I only wash my hair about once a week. 

I'm not a huge styling product person, but the Working Texture Spray is great. It helps hold a wave but you can still run your hands through your hair. 

Now we come to our fail: The Sea Salt Dry Spray. I've used sea sprays before and liked them. But this one literally made me feel like I'd been at the beach all day but instead of that salty beachy feel, it felt like I had beach clay in my hair. It was thick and clumpy and unmovable. It reminded me of texture paste. Not what I was going for, or ever will be going for. 

Overall,  I have nothing but love for the Kristen Ess line and I highly recommend it. Most of her products are also offered in a trial size version to which is a great way to try them all and find your favorites!

Have you tried any of the Kristen Ess products? Are there any others that I should check out?

All products were purchased by me but this post does contain affiliate links.