A Very 2020 Gift Guide

 We all know that this holiday season going to be like no other - unprecedented if you will. So I decided to create a gift guide for the times. I'm also trying to include mainly smaller or local businesses as much as possible because they all need our support more than ever! I'm also giving gift basket ideas with some of the items to help get your thoughtful gift giving juices flowing and add your own personal touches. So let's get to the guide!

For Staying Safe and Stylish:

Attempting Less - A great small, woman owned shop to support. Full of items to make life easier and safer like masks, touchless multitools and key chains to help avoid purse diving. They use sustainable shipping materials, too! Use the code JENNY20 to save on your order!

Joonbird - Our favorite masks! The cutest prints in child and adults sizes. Adorable children's clothing and nursery items, too.

On Air Beauty - Cute accessories for masks like chains and cases! I love my mask chain; its adorable and so convenient for running errands. 

Thingamabob - Another touchless tool to avoid touching surfaces and buttons. Use code JENNY10 to save.

Liquid IV - We all know I love Liquid IV! The tangerine Immunity Liquid IV would be great to give as a gift along with a fun water bottle (perhaps decorated with a Cricut sticker) and some other items in an Immunity Boosting Gift Basket! Their hydration multipliers would be perfect to include in a wine gift basket to help with hangovers! Use the code JENNYRADISH to save 20% and get free shipping. 

Good Essentials - Another women owned company.- run by two friends. Their products smells delicious and help keep you safe! From hand sanitizer, to mask spray and balm. Their Bundle of Goodness makes a great gift!

Verb Energy Bars make a great stocking stuffer and offer the perfect pick-me-up for tired moms, healthcare workers, teachers and pretty much anyone else struggling through 2020

For Having Fun at Home:

Princeton Popcorn - Home of the mushroom shaped popcorn that is extra yummy. Princeton Popcorn was started by Farmer Bob, a first generation farmer, with a passion for popcorn and sustainability. The perfect addition to a movie night inspired gift, add some candy, cute bowls and the recipient will be ready for the ultimate Netflix and chill moment!

Orchid Box - This is such a cool gift for a plant lover. They have starter kits that include a terrarium, dirt and plants. I have a Venus Fly Trap and love it and check on it more than I did when my children were newborns. It's sleek and makes a beautiful statement in anyone's decor. 

Cricut - The gift the keeps on giving. You could get one for yourself to create fun gifts for your loved ones. Or give one so they can have a new crafting tool that can also create activities and fun for kids. There is so much you can do with a Cricut. I will be using mine to upcycle gifts for my family and friends. (More on that to come in another post.)

Bead Kit from Weeyo - this could be in the kid section but I've had just as much fun with this one as the kids. Beading is so relaxing and the results are adorable! You could even get this to make little bracelets or ask chains to add to the gifts you're giving.

For Keeping the Kids Entertained:

Osmo - We LOVE our Osmo. The kids have so much fun with it and I love that they're learning at the same time. Makes me feel less guilty about screen time; I even incorporate it into homeschool.

Flower Toy - My cousin, Emma, gave this to Maple for her birthday and it was a huge hit. Both kids play with it almost every day. Maple creates forests with it and plays with Barbies or Calico Critters in them. 

Little Renegades - This deck of beautifully illustrated cards helps to teach kids how to be mindful. The cards are fun and engaging. We do at least one card a day. They're great to help get kids back on task. 

GoldieBlox - These kits are so fun. They're sparkly and cute but also full of STEM inspired crafts. I like that they're like the subscription kits but without any commitment!

LEGO - This is actually Judah's pick but I accidentally put the photo in this collage so here it is. LEGO is the number on thing my kids play with. For hours, together, without bickering. You can't go wrong!

For Mental Health:

Begin Within Journal - This beautiful journal is great for anyone who has any type of mental health concerns or any chronic pain or other concerns. I has trackers as well as places to write goals and accomplishments. If you have a loved one who is struggling (aren't we all?), this would be perfect to add to a little self care gift. 

CBD Infusioninz - My favorite CBD treats! They have CBD infused candy, cookies and tinctures. I love the calming effects. 

Hempathy - These delicious smelling products are filled with hemp and other natural ingredients and free of any crap. Great for anyone who needs a little pampering.

CBD Infused Bath Bombs - These bath bombs from Roxby Farm are amazing! The smell divine and calm you down to a zen state like no other! I used one after a strenuous hike and all of my almost 40 year old aches and pains disappeared! They also have yummy soaps, too!

Mail Your Nails - I completely forgot to take a photo for this one. But trust me, these nail stickers are adorable! They last a week and are so easy to apply. They'd be an amazing addition to any gift! Clicking that link will save you 20% off their already low prices!

Maple's Pick:

Luxa Jewelry -  Maple loves her jewelry and wears her name bracelet from Luxa every day. They're local and woman owned, too! Use code MAPLE20 to save 10%

Charlie's Pick:

Buddy Drops - Charlie is giving all of his doggy friends some Buddy Drops for Hannukah. He loves how they make him feel more calm but also more spry! Use Code CHARLIE15 to save 15%

This post contains affiliate links.

What are you planning on gifting this year?