Save vs Splurge: Pit Edition

I feel like I talk about pits way too much lately. But I have another awesome product share for my fellow natural deo folks! I've tried both of these pit masks and they are both so good! But one is cheaper and has way more product than the other!

Megababe Happy Pits Detoxyfying Underarm Mask with Charcoal - This product is great. It helps clear up some of that build up that some deos leave. It has a nice easy applicator and you can rinse it after five minutes!

Aztec Secret Amazonian Clay  - This mask is so similar to the megababe but you get way more bang for your buck! You do have to mix it up either with water or apple cider vinegar for better results. But the container is huge and full of product. And you can also multitask and use it on your face as well! It does need to sit for more like than 10 minutes so slightly more time consuming.

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