Bullet Journaing: My brain in a book

I'm not quite sure how I stumbled upon Bullet Jornaling, it may have been while researching Erin Condren planners. Regardless, I was immediately drawn to them because of how pretty some were and how minimalist others were and I also saw the benefit to having all of my thoughts and lists and plans in one place. This article sums the basics up: WTF is a Bullet Journal and Why You Should Start One.

I found a cute notebook that I already had and started my own straight away. I loved it and quickly went to Michaels for a dotted journal and stickers. Oh how I love stickers.

I use my Bullet Journal to keep track of my every day to-do lists as well as broader lists of things we need, grocery lists, meal planning. I also have pages dedicated to fun things like our Summer Bucket List, Toddler Activities in the community, and self care reminders. But my Bullet Journal has turned into a huge self care item. Not only does it alleviate some of my anxiety, but it forces me to relax when I create a weekly spread and doodle in it.

And while I love my Erin Condren planner for work, I love that with my Bullet Journal, I'm not tied to a specific theme. I can be minimalist one week and load it up with stickers the next. Anything goes. It's a blank slate. It took some getting used to. At first, I wanted every weekly spread to be perfect and fit a theme. But now I just go with it and each week reflects how I'm feeling that week and can be tailored to how busy it is, too.

I'm almost finished with that dotted journal from Michaels and am so excited to start in my fresh new, blush pink journal. Here are some of my favorite Bullet Journaling supplies and some of my favorite spreads from my current journal.

1. Bullet Journal 2. Mildliners 3. Sharpie Pen 4. Washi Tape 5. Stickers

The Target Dollar Spot is a great space for cute supplies as well.

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  1. Love this Jenny!! You rock. Hey how did you come up with the name Radish for your blog?

    1. Thanks so much! I liked the word Radish so I made an acronym for it: recycled. Already. Done. Ish :)


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