Throw Back Thursday with a Twist

I have a tendency to want to paint an idyllic picture of motherhood. I'm sure it stems from social media and everyone only posting the vacation pictures of tropical beaches and the family holiday photos of everyone in coordinating plaids. We leave out the real stuff, and that's fine for social media. But I also left the real stuff out of Judah's baby book.I didn't write about what teething was like  or how long the sleep regressions lasted, didn't even acknowledge that he had them. I didn't write about his hitting phase or what we did to stop it. And I wish I had. Mainly, because it would be helpful with baby number two. But also, because it will help him when he's older. I already forget about the hitting and the sleep regressions. (I don't forget about the teething because Maple is currently growing some canines.) Our parents totally forget about all of these things and act like we were these perfect babies who never cried, at least my mom does. And while maybe I was a special, perfect baby, I highly doubt it. It's so nice to know you're not alone in this journey and wouldn't it be nice to know that our very own parents had the same struggles with vegetable refusal as we do?

So may I suggest, we keep it a little more real?

See these gorgeous photos of my eighteen month old little baby boy? I posted one with a caption about my little strawberry lover eating "bobos" as fast as I could pick them or something cutesy along those lines. Well let me tell you about this day: I was roughly four months pregnant. It was 85 million degrees out. There was an equal number of moms to toddlers. Zero strollers. About to embark on walk to the strawberry field that was just short of a mile. Judah had only been walking for a few months and I had to carry him on and off. Nauseous and pregnant in the heat. I got stung by a bee, right under my eye. Judah wanted to be carried most of the way back. I was pregnant and nauseous in the heat with a pint of freshly picked bobos.

But look how cute the pictures are!! Right?!?! Mmmhmmm

It was overall a fun day and we still joke about it, but part of whats fun to reminisce about is what a calamity it ended up being. Just a few new moms taking their babies strawberry picking, blissfully unaware of what we were in for.

So I am introducing a hashtag #radishtbt I want to see your old photos with the real back story!