Back to School

Last week, I was at the mall and got to check out the Gymboree re-brand. I've always found Gymboree to be hit or miss. I've definitely found some cute stuff there for both kids but it's never been one of my go-to's. I'd consider myself more of a Baby Gap, Zara, Baby Boden or H&M fan. Well now I am adding Gymboree to that line up! Their new line is so on point with kids fashion. It's understated, sophisticated and cute. Just what I think children's clothes should be. I'm not a fan of super bright colors, silly word graphics or characters of any kind.

I was so impressed and excited about the new gear, that I did something totally out of my comfort zone. I went onto their website and applied to be an affiliate, saying that I was just a new blogger starting out but would love to help spread the word.

You can imagine my surprise, when I stumbled across multiple posts in various Facebook mom groups complaining about the new stuff! This inspired me to follow up on that affiliate application with an email expressing my shock at the negative feedback they must be getting and my continued support.

Well guess what! They accepted me and I am now very excited to be an official affiliate for Gymboree, Janie & Jack and Crazy 8. So today, I'm going to share some of my top picks from the new Gymboree line for Judah. Because he is starting school in a few weeks, which is crazy and so exciting.

I just ordered these adorable sweaters for school:

The one thing that I always buy at Gymboree is underoos for Judah. I love their boxer briefs for the style, softness and cute patterns. And they haven't changed any of that! They now just sell them in packs of three or seven. Which makes shopping for them much easier! Before you'd have to dig through piles to find the right size. How cute are these? Just like Daddy. I included some of their old stock, too, because the clearance prices are great!

Now we just need to find the perfect backpack and lunchbox. I told Judah that he could get a character lunch box and he is very excited! What's left on your back to school list?