New Skincare Goodies

As I've stated before, I am on the wrong side of 35. And with a recent birthday, 40 feels much too close so I've picked up a few new products recently to help slow down time, for my face at least.

First up is this Zombie Facemask that is supposed to be a dupe for the Hanacure Mask which is a cult favorite loved by the likes of Gwenyth Paltrow. It's supposed to tighten and minimize your pores. And I am sure its going to look lovely on me tonight while we watch Game of Thrones!

Update: Not only did I look like a White Walker while using this mask, I saw immediate results. My skin was smoother and felt tighter. Three days later and it still feels good. I will be using it once a week.

Update 5/13: I've used this twice now and it is amazing! My skin is noticeably firmer and softer.

TIP: After the first time doing the mask, I read the amazon reviews and a lot of them said that you shouldn't move your face while the mask is on. So when I did it the second time, I made sure not to chat. It definitely improved the results of the mask. I highly recommend this mask!

Also, make sure that you order the 8 pack of masks, its actually more expensive per mask if  you order the 16 pack.

Silicone Face Mask Brushes

I also love that the Zombie Pack comes with a brush for mixing the mask and applying it. I just popped these guys into my amazon cart because I don't ever want to apply a mask with my hands again. I like that these are silicone and will be easier to clean!

Next up is this microneedler!  I'm super excited to try this. It's supposed to trick your body into thinking that your skin is wounded from the tiny pricks on the roller. Your body then sends all kinds of good healing things to your face to plump it up, smooth your wrinkles and even help with discoloration. 

Update: I used this over a heavy slathering of hyaluronic acid and have noticed less redness in my cheeks. I've used it twice now and went a little harder the second time. My face got a bit red, but I did feel like my skin was fuller the next morning! The redness from the roller was gone along with some of my usual redness. 

And lastly, a little love for the skin on your feet! I had been wanting to try the Baby Foot Peel and Erica from Whiskey and Lace has been talking about it in her stories. But when I went to buy it, Amazon recommended this dupe. I love a bargain so i figured I could try this out and review it!

Update: My husband was quite intrigued by this processed. My feet haven't hit full snake flake status yet, but the process is beginning and I am impressed!

Update 5/13: Holy glazed donuts! The past few days have been a flaking frenzy and my feet looked honey dipped, but the skin underneath is, well, its baby soft! I can't compare it to the Baby Foot peel, but I am very happy with the results. Although, I wish I had done it maybe two or three weeks earlier because I have missed out on some sandal wearing!

Let me know in the comments what you're going to try!

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