Periods are Rad-ish

I got my period on February 29, 1992. I only remember the date because it was a Leap Year. My mom was at work and I was home with my step-dad who was my mom's fiancee at the time. And ever since, my period has never missed the chance to throw me a curve ball. She attended both my Junior prom and Senior Prom where my tiara fell onto floor while I was fumbling with the layers of tulle under my dress and a tampon. My period has been my "plus one" to almost every formal event or wedding (including my own) I've ever attended. It's joined me camping, on Caribbean beach vacations, sailing trips, and it never misses a trip to my parents' beach house which is actually a cabin with an outhouse.

You know how they say that you don't get your period while you're nursing? I got mine back at four and three months postpartum. What can I say? She missed me.

After 27 years of periods - holy crap that makes me sound old! - I've found some ways to make life with my Crimson Bestie more convenient. One way is to just talk about it. Normalize it. It happens every month to almost every woman for a huge portion of their lives. No need to be so taboo.

I also just give myself grace when I have my period. I usually know when it's coming and mentally prepare for the inevitable hormone shift. I try to roll with the hormones. (Maybe even warn the husband.) I don't force myself to work out. It's okay to veg out and watch a show instead of folding laundry. Junk food? Chocolate? Okay, too. It's just a few days and its kind of miserable, so I treat myself a little. One thing I don't do when I have my period is shop for clothes. I tend to feel bloated and can be really hard on myself in those unforgiving dressing room mirrors.

I've recently discovered a super convenient service called My PMS Kit. It's a monthly subscription box that delivers everything you need for your period each month along with treats like chocolate and essential oils.

My PMS Kit  also allows for complete customization and they are one of the the only period subscription boxes that offers menstrual cups.  You can do any combination of pads, tampons or menstrual cups. Oh, and the pads and tampons are organic!

And If you haven't tried a menstrual cup, let me say you are missing out. Menstrual Cups are by far the number one thing that has made my period easier! I've never been a fan of tampons but always used them for convenience. Menstrual Cups are comfortable; you barely feel them. And you can go a long time without changing them even when you have heavy periods like me. Using a menstrual cup makes life so much easier  during your period.

Menstrual cups are also amazing for the environment. They are made of medical grade silicone and last up to fifteen years. Think of all the tampons that won't go into a landfill. Or that you wont have to pay for cause menstrual cups are economical too!

Another reason I am so excited to be working with My PMS Kit is their commitment to helping women.  Their products come from companies who donate pads to women in Third World and developing countries. And money from every purchase is donated to buy hygiene products for homeless women across America.

And finally, here is what I got in my first box:

Everything arrived in a pretty box that said "Hello Gorgeous." Along with enough pads and panty lines to last a full period, I also received:
A pink menstrual cup (if you choose this box, you get a new cup every three months)
A headache relief essential oil roller
A cute keychain
A note about the benefits of sunflower seeds
Three bra clips
A nail file
A travel bag (perfect for period supplies on the go)
and a handful of chocolates
Also of note, you have the option to choose how many pads/tampons/panty liners you need for the month.

To receive $10 off your first kit, you can use my code: Jenny693

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