T is for Tame

Maple has a personality that I would never want to tame but her hair is another story! When I was pregnant, I assumed that she would have her brother’s silky curls. But her hair is just different. I’ve tried the few products that I could find that met my standards and some of my own more less than baby-friendly,  hair products. I even trimmed the ends of her hair hoping to smooth things out! But until now, I hadn’t really figured out how to smooth out her hair.

I was very excited when T is for Tame offered to send me some of their products to try out. Their founder wanted to create a product that would manage her twins’ unruly hair but was also free of harsh chemicals. The line contains safe, clinically tested ingredients, including coconut and jojoba oil, to gently hold hair in place without chemicals or harsh ingredients. They also have products for cradle cap but I was sent the Taming Matte Cream for Smooth Baby Hair and the Baby Hair Detangler Spray.

I am in love with both of these products. They have worked wonders on Maple’s hair! It’s smoother and more manageable. A little goes a long way on the taming cream! The first time that I used it, I wasn’t so sure, Maple’s hair was a bit greasy. The next time, I used the tiniest amount and it made a huge difference. I use it after washing and conditioning her hair. Which I do about twice a week.  I use the spray in between washes and it makes combing a much more pleasant experience. 

Look at that smooth hair!