There's Beans in the Brownies!

 While this isn't my recipe, I thought I'd made a blog post about my tips for making these delicious black bean brownies that are gluten free and vegan! But first, I'm going to tell you a long story from my childhood about my grandmother's cozy kitchen and the 




Brownies that she used to make from a box. Just kidding! I am not a food blogger and if I was I'd cut right to the chase because no on has time for that shit when they're trying to bake!

This recipe was introduced to me by my dear, instgram friend, Katie who often posts awesome gluten-free, dairy free and egg free recipes products and tips. Not to be confused with the creator of this recipe: Chocolate Covered Katie

Here is the link to the RECIPE

I used a Vita Mix to blend ours. And you really want to blend them up well either in a good blender or a food processor. The texture will still be a bit gritty but I promise they come out dreamy! Thick and fudgey. 

I've also done this recipe with cacao instead of cocoa and they were equally delicious!

For this batch, I used Black Beans from 8 Track Foods which is a woman owned business that used the best organic beans and BPA free cans that are highly recyclable. They're available at Whole Foods and they are my new go-to for beans!

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