A Wrap Job Only a Grandma Could Love

I mentioned on instagram that I'd be re-using kids' art projects as wrapping paper this year and I've had a few people from my November Toy Challenge request a little diy. So here goes!

But first a little back story: I love to recycle. I always have. It drives my husband a little crazy, but honestly, he's the one driving me crazy. Do you know how often I pick our trash to rinse out recyclable containers that he's thrown in there? I digress. Earlier this year, I told him how sad I am about our environment and how I just can't bring myself to buy gifts that people don't need or want. I've already cut out wrapping paper because its not even recyclable.

The past few years, I've used butcher paper because its recyclable. And one year (before children, obviously) I even  took the time to create trompe l'oeil trimmings.

But it still feels wasteful to buy butcher paper to use once and just recycle. My husband assured me that even though I'm too "woke" for Christmas, we'll find a way to make Christmas more sustainable. And like most projects that start with we, this one has fallen on me. But at least this is a fun one! Just like butcher paper; art projects particularly coloring pages end up right in the recycle bin. Put the two together and the end results are colorful, personalized gifts that only a grandma could love! And I'll be doing this for all gifts from now on.

This project is so easy.

For supplies:
* Begin saving all those art projects, scribbled papers, coloring books etc.
* String, ribbon and whatever else you have around the house
*  tissue boxes, gift boxes, even food boxes, toilet paper tubes and anything else you can think of to        put your gifts in.
* Tape and scissors.
(The trick is to re-use things you have around the house. My grandmother recently gave me a box of her sewing notions that I pulled out for this project.)

And go to town!

I found some ribbon from grandmother to cover up where I taped two pages together.

You do need the string or ribbon to hold the wrap job together when there is crayon involved; tape does not stick well to the wax.

Tape sheets together for larger presents and use the ribbon to hide the line.

And for gift tags, you can trace your kids handprints on their art work, cut them out and ta da!

Show me your wrap jobs on instagram @jennyradish !