Be the Change. Or at least a part of it.

There's a quote floating around somewhere that despite my excellent googling skills, I can't seem to find. But it goes something like: when it comes to sustainability it's not about one person doing everything perfectly, its about everyone doing one thing. So basically, you don't have to do it all and be zero waste, you just should do what you can. And if you want some small steps to help you do what you can, then this post is for you. But firstly, its for my friend, Tiffany, cause she asked for it.

So here are some of my top picks for reusable and sustainable products.

I've had a metal straw for like ten years, I'm like a metal straw hipster. And I try to always use it when I'm out and about. I also really love silicone straws for water. And for the kids. I get nervous about them using metal and hurting themselves. The wide silicone straws are also great for smoothies.

I've also just switched to reusable paper towels and napkins. I am in love with these adorable pineapple towels that Epically Embroidered sent me from their Zero Waste Collection. They're so soft, the perfect size and clean all the things. Like crayon on the walls. Thanks, Maple. Use the code “radish20” to save 20% off your order!

I've always loved using cloth napkins and just recently put them in the rotation and stopped buying paper ones. I had this little basket leftover from our wedding. Here are some plain white ones that I would prefer, but I already had these and part of being sustainable is using what you have! Similar basket here.

As you can see, we still have paper towels because we aren't entirely ready to grab every spill with cloth. Like dog pee, still using paper for that! I have been loving reusable baggies for awhile. I stopped buying plastic ones awhile back and haven't missed them, but my husby does.  I really liked the ones from Grove but I feel like their website is a scam. (As soon as my free trial was over, they loaded up my shopping cart with hundreds of dollars of products that I would have been charged for if I hadn't noticed.) I found these and they are very similar and so much more affordable! 

This might be a bit adventurous if you are just starting out with a more sustainable lifestyle, but one of my first sustainable moves was in the period department! I've been using a cup for years and just recently started using cloth pads. I bought them when I was pregnant with Maple and had been nervous to use them. I wish I had used them sooner! They did their job and were so soft! I was nervous about the cleaning process too, but they just needed a rinse and then a double wash in the machine (with towels) and they're good as new! The pads that I bought came with little wet bags that are perfect for on the go and for storing before you wash them. I've already blogged about my love for the menstrual cup here.
Pads     Cup

Before you switch to any new reusable product: use up what you have! Try to use one time use products more than once, too. Whether its ziplock bags, food containers etc. Almost all types of packaging can be used in art projects, too. My favorite water glasses are pasta jars. 

Are you inspired to switch anything?? Tell me in the comments!

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